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Choose a Real Estate Agent

Buying a property is one of the largest investments you may ever make and requires making important financial decisions. It is critical to have an expert in your corner to make sure you don’t miss out on any great opportunities or overlook any details when undertaking such a large purchase. We can guide you through this process, and also provide you with access to property listings before they hit the general market. The first thing we do is schedule a buyer consultation which is a very casual zoom call or in-person meeting where we take about an hour to go over the specifics of your home search criteria, must-haves vs. preferences, preferred areas, and your goals moving forward. Once we have this on the calendar, we will give you the option to link up with our lender to get pre-approved in the meantime so we can make the most of our time together and start sending you homes right away.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing your real estate professional:

  • Look for a full-time agent – one who sells real estate full time and has experience completing transactions similar to yours.
  • Interview a few agents: Are they familiar with the area in which you are interested, how many homes have they sold in the last 12 months and are they up to date on modern processes and technology essential for a smooth transaction?
  • Ask how much time the agent will have for you, and if they are available at night and on weekends.
  • Ask about their credentials and education: A good agent will continually strive to improve and gain knowledge of the latest real estate trends.
  • Does the agent return your calls/texts promptly? Time is money when attempting to buy a property.
  • Ask for a list of properties they have sold or a list of references. Check reviews.
  • Choose an agent who asks you questions that you may not have considered on your own, one who listens attentively to your needs and concerns. Pick an agent, with whom you feel comfortable.
  • Pick an agent who will will dig deeper in your initial consult and who will actively search for homes for you, both on and off the market that meet your specific criteria within your comfort zone and not someone who will set you up on a generalized, automated search.
  • Do you have a home to sell as well? Or keeping your current home as an investment to rent? In either scenario – be sure your agent has experience in both of these areas and can appropriately guide you through the process smoothly. It is incredibly important that you know all of your options before deciding to sell your home first, when you may be able to buy and sell simultaneously without ever having 2 mortgage payments or feeling rushed to find a new home after your home has sold. It is so important to have an agent who will make this process as smooth as possible with the least amount of stress, especially when it comes to buying and selling.

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