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Submitting an Offer

Once we find a home you love and are excited about, if you decide you want to submit an offer, we will thoroughly discuss the process and go over all of your options in regards to any offer terms we can add or remove to give you the best chances at having your offer accepted with the most desirable outcome to you.

Every offer situation is different and there are many factors involved that will play a part in our conversations and your decision-making based on the specific home such as but not limited to [1] how long it has been on the market, [2] if there are any other offers, [3] how well the property is priced, [4] condition of the property, and [5] the settlement timeframe.

Once we have decided on offer terms and you are comfortable and confident, we will write up the offer documents and send them over to you to sign electronically so that we can submit the offer on your behalf. We like to stay in communication with the listing agent throughout the process so they know how strong your interest is and if you are obtaining financing, we will also ask your lender to reach out as well to put in a good word.

Sometimes the seller will make a decision same day, sometimes they do an offer deadline which may include a waiting period. In some cases they may come back to us with a counter-offer. In any situation, we will make sure we are being as aggressive as possible in order to put you in an advantageous position to get you the best possible terms.

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